infant cot Infant cot

Print Grace Huang There's a reason we devote so much time to selecting the right crib , not to mention a whole afternoon assembling the blasted thing. We assume it's where Baby will spend night after blissful night, right? But a whole lotta moms find that the crib is not so much for snoozing as for screaming.

Sweet Pea will drift off only -- really, only! Don't give up, though! A crib is the safe place for your infant to recharge, and this is the time to teach her to sleep there. And since babies get less sleep and wake more often when they're not in their crib studies have proven it , you have a serious incentive to act now.

But if your baby is older, don't sweat it; just realize that easing her into the crib may take more patience. Follow our pointers to help your peanut settle into a dream routine.

Cot mattress The Lullaby Trust recommends you buy a new cot mattress, or - if using a second-hand mattress - carefully check that it's clean, dry and free from cracks or tears. An individual level analysis of five major case-control studies.

Baby will doze off only in your arms Why she loves it there: She knows what Mommy feels and smells like. Your sweetie nods off after a feeding and, well, what mom doesn't adore cozying up with a snuggle bug? So there Baby stays. Bobbie Lipe remembers the days when she couldn't put her baby boy down for a second. Holding him was the only way to calm him. So he slept in my arms, ate in my arms, everything. I would have put him in the crib, but he just wouldn't have it," says the mom from Ottumwa, Iowa.

Make the crib feel more Mom-like, says Dr. He goes from the heat of your body to a relatively cold bed," she says. However, never place a blanket, pillow, or lovey in the crib with your baby because they greatly increase the risk of suffocation. If your baby's under 3 months, swaddle him, feed him, and ease him into the crib.

That worked for Dr. For babies who are beyond the swaddle, try a sleep sack. If your cutie still protests, stand next to the crib for a few minutes with your hand on her tummy to soothe her, Dr.

It will confuse her. Baby will nap only in her infant carrier Why she loves it there: Could there be anything more soothing?

Our guide to buying secondhand cots will help. Make sure you have all the necessary documents required by Italian law and by the law of the country the child is traveling to.

A carrier or sling is a bliss-inducing trifecta. That kind of kangaroo care is very calming for infants," says Dr. Gravity helps keep stomach acid down; lying down does the opposite. Ruth Logan, of Trumbull, Connecticut, got into the carrier habit with her son. But then he came to expect that every day. The best way to wean your baby off the carrier, according to Dr. Mindell, involves a few tears so worth it in the long run, though.

Put her down in her crib when she's awake, but sleepy," she suggests. The goal is for her to fall asleep on her own. Once bedtime is going well, put her down awake for one nap during the day but keep the others as usual, so she doesn't become cranky or overtired. Master that siesta first and then tackle the next. Learn more baby sleep tips with our guide. Baby will sleep only in her swing or car seat Why she loves it there: And often the movement is similar to what it was like in your belly.

That's exactly what Samantha Silver found with her daughter.

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  • God forbid the batteries died in the night! Pop her into the swing but don't swing it. Buckle her in the car seat but don't drive anywhere.

    And try these steps only when you're ready. If you keep changing the routine, you'll confuse Baby and prolong the whole thing.

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  • You must not be sleepy. Establish one from the moment your little one comes home, and she'll be more likely to sleep well later on. Babies need to wind down, just like you. So start switching gears low lighting, little noise about 30 minutes before bed.

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    Get in a habit. Choose a few activities, like a bath or book, to do each night.

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  • If feeding is part of that routine, do it first so Baby doesn't rely on it to fall asleep. Put her to bed when she's obviously drowsy, but still awake. A simple machine is comforting, and you won't have to whisper the rest of the night! Put your baby to bed at the same time and in the same place each night.

    If you're thrown off schedule because of a holiday or vacation, don't worry.

    infant cot Infant cot

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