folding cot Folding cot

Great for the childminder's or grandparents' home. Made from solid wood, it looks like an ordinary cot, but folds flat enough to store under a bed. Their Shropshire firm, Saplings, now creates a wide range of cots, mattresses and nursery furniture.

The Maria cot has a traditional appearance, with all-round beech slats enabling good visibility. The innovative part is the way in which it can be folded for storage. Once the mattress has been removed, two bolts are unscrewed on either end of the base with an Allen key.

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  • The base can then be tilted upwards. A clip on the top rail of each cot end is raised and hinges allow the cot to be folded inwards.

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  • The mattress slots back inside the folded frame to protect it during storage. The Maria Folding Cot is an ideal solution for childminders or grandparents looking for a robust, solid cot that is easy to store.

    The Maria has a strong mesh base and is designed for use with a proper mattress measuring cm long by 54cm wide. Having previously had a cot with rigid sides, I really appreciate the incorporation of a drop side on the Maria. What to watch out for Firstly, I have to state that I do like this cot — despite the following niggles.

    Once assembled, the Maria Folding Cot is really practical. But assembling it is annoying! The main issue I have is with the instructions. They consist of four black-and-white photocopied pages, which means that the details on the photographs and diagrams are unclear.

    folding cot Folding cot

    The fixed side and the drop side of the cot look the same on the illustration but are different in reality, which is confusing. The instructions also need to be rewritten in a clear, concise way. It just takes longer to assemble the cot than is necessary.

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    As the mattress required is smaller than standard, options might be limited. Who is the Saplings Maria Folding Cot best for?

    Other features remain about same except for the tent material T Polyester for the latter and the smaller size and height. Would you recommend this to other mums? Once you know what you are doing, this cot is easy to put down.

    Grandparents or childminders who need a sturdy cot that takes up minimum space and can be folded for easy storage.



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