cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner

Strictly adheres to federally mandated size restrictions to ensure the safety of your child in their crib. They have deemed Rather than removing and laundering a fitted wedge sheet, simply use a warm damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe to clean the waterproof surface and remake the crib immediately. Our waterproof cover keeps all moisture from coming in contact with foam.

Giving it as a gift? Gift wrapping is made easier as well. This raised position alleviates discomfort and leads to better sleep. Simply use half the wedge in bassinets, then the full wedge when they move into their crib. All crib wedges are required to be Beware of products that do not meet these standards. Our waterproof, hypoallergenic, antibacterial cover makes for easy cleanup of baby spit-up, drooling, and diaper leaks.

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  • Wipes clean with a warm rag or disinfectant wipe. Mine came as a two-piece foam and it was no problem aligning the two pieces together. We also had the issue of our girls sliding down on these after a couple of hours. But we finally figured out a way to keep our girls in place: This prevents the sliding.

    Where exactly you place the tie depends on 1 the size of your towel, and 2 the length of your kid. Likely my fault it lists the description but my pediatrician said my 4 month old needs to be at a 45 degree angle, this one is about She appears to be doing fine with that.

    It fits perfectly under her crib sheet. I have no idea what the issue is that everyone is talking about with regards to the zipper.

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  • So I invested in fitted sheet holders that clamp the corners together so they do come loose. Easy to find at any target or here on Amazon.

    Prevents her from rolling from side to side or sliding off the wedge. I am not exaggerating — this stupid wedge almost killed my 2 month old! We wrap a blanket around the edges of the crib, as the hospital taught us to do, so that it does not move. We did that on the first night using the wedge. To my absolute horror, my baby slid down the wedge and his entire head was trapped underneath the blanket. He was swaddled so could do nothing about it.

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    This seemingly innocuous product should be removed from the market. I wanted to help my baby sleep, not kill him. Days later and I am still sick to my stomach over it. So either way… kinda dangerous. Baby had a cold and was already a fussy little one! Doc suggested inclining him to help keep his nose drained… so we accidentally found out this helped with his fussiness also!

    As we did go for the Naturepedic line of crib mattress. Purchased this item since my daughter has acid reflux and can not sleep laying flat. I was unsure how she would do with it so we just tried it at nap time. Even if we took the bumper out I am not going to let her slide down and hit her head on the railings. This product is a waste of money! Once your baby is old enough to scoot around, he or she will slide down off this wedge or worse, off the side.

    Once my daughter started to move around, she ended up sliding down the wedge. It is a great angle and very sturdy. Our 3 month old daughter has horrible GERD since birth.

    We were able to raise the head of the bassinet which she quickly outgrew, but not the new crib. No way do I want to do that! This under the mattress is working well for us for right now. During the transition from the bassinet, we had to put this in the middle of the crib for a few nights with a towel around her to keep her from sliding down and from freaking out.

    When I went to remake the crib once she was used to it we just kept spreading the towel around her until she was used to the extra room, it took 3 nights and I moved the wedge up, there was a VERY unsafe gap. As far as wedges go, this is a decent price although the price fits the cheap quality two pieces and it off gases terribly. It gives our baby just enough of a head lift that this mommy gets some peace of mind. NAWould I recommend it?

    Definitely for babies that spit up allot or suffer from reflux. The product info does not tell you that this is foldable and has a zipper in the middle… which means that there is a really hard, uncomfortable bump in the middle of the bottom where the zipper ends.

    cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner

    Baby has to be placed to one side and not in the middle of the crib to avoid lying on the bump. Also, the width is narrower than my crib mattress, so there are unsafe gaps at the sides. Not good since baby has to be placed closer to the side. And since there is nothing to secure the wedge to the mattress, a tight crib sheet makes this scoot away from the head of the crib, leaving an unsafe gap there, too. The foldable one is no good! I just wanted something to have where his head is a little more up.

    This product is good for what it describes "for crib mattress". I wanted a sleeping wedge for a cradle, but this is much to wide to fit a cradle.

    But I made it work. It comes with two wedges which are placed inside a water-proof, zippered liner. I made it work by removing one wedge and placing it under my own waterproof cradle mattress cover. Not a huge incline, I may see how new baby does with one wedge, and possibly stack both wedges together for more incline.

    When we tried to transfer him to the pack and play or crib, he just screamed and cried and did not sleep more than 30 minutes at a time with protest! Since he was able to sit up and his legs were starting to hang out the end of the Rock and Play, we had to do something! We bought this wedge which came in one piece unlike some of the other reviews and put it under the mattress on the pack and play.

    We then took two rolled up towels and put them under the sheets on either side of our son. This recreated the feel of the Rock and Play and he slept in it the first time we tried! We also let him play in the pack and play for the few days before the wedge arrived — hoping to create a positive feeling about the thing before having him sleep in it.

    The foldable one is no good! If you use one for this purpose, always closely observe your baby. Our mothers and grandmothers used them or a rolled-up towel to keep us sleeping

    So, it worked for us. Also, he is now 7 months two weeks sleeping with the wedge in the pack and play and he does not slide off the wedge. Not to the side or the bottom.

    We will slowly start to remove the towels use smaller ones… and then eventually remove the wedge. But for now, it works great. It is fairly subtle in terms of lift. This is not helpful. We placed it under her sheets and mattress cover but all my daughter did was slide right down or off to the side. You can probably get the same effect from strategically folding towels.

    I purchased this but my babies roll off completely.

    The death of 12 babies in America have been linked to using the product, according to the US Food and Drug Administration FDA , caused by the babies rolling from their side to their front, resulting in suffocation. A room temperature of C, with light bedding or a lightweight baby sleeping bag, will provide a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. Let us know - in complete confidence - by emailing newsdesk men-news.

    I tried putting all kinds of padding on it, but my kids still roll off. Its just not comfortable, I am sending it back. If you want the added security and comfort against all the SIDS scares out there….. This wedge is perfect to lean the baby up just a bit. Fits well under neath the mattress pad. I would definitely recommend this. I purchased this for my son and loved it. This model when I purchased it came in two pieces which you insert into the cover which is waterproof.

    Mine had no zippers, just a hole on the back to allow for the pieces to slide into. I used it with my first son from birth and he slept great.

    I also used half of it in our bassinet under the sheet with positioners ont he side to prevent rolling and he rarely spit up or had problems digestive problems while sleeping. It easily fit under the Ultimate Crib Sheet we always keep one on top of his bed sheet and stays in place. There have even been nights where he wakes up and I place him back on the wedge and he immediately falls back asleep — he loves it! I highly recommend this crib wedge if your infant needs to be upright for a bit to help alleviate reflux.

    We only tried using it one night and then took it out. I would not recommend it. Would not recommend using it in crib, since baby can easily roll off either side It does not fill the with of the crib by far.



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