tesco cot bed in a bag Tesco cot bed in a bag

The product can be projected from a cup or capsule in one piece by exerting pressure at the tip.

Its product code is and the style number is MG All other versions are unaffected. July , travelled with family Value.

The directions for use on the packaging include an instruction to squeeze a cup or capsule with fingers. The product details are: Assorted, Lychee, Strawberry and Mango Pack size: Sudan dyes are red dyes that are used in industrial applications and cannot be used in foods.

Consumers who own a RumbleSeat SKU , , , , , , manufactured between September and November , will be provided with new RumbleSeat adapters. Those consumers who registered their RumbleSeats will automatically receive RumbleSeat adapters. This is not a recall.

cot bed white duvet cover

Recalls can only be announced by government agencies. This is a proactive initiative by UPPAbaby.

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  • My First Keys - Mothercare Mothercare is undertaking a voluntary recall of the Mothercare My First Keys due to a risk of the battery compartment coming off and exposing the button cell battery. This toy was sold in Mothercare stores and on the Mothercare website from June to April Its product code is and the style number is MG Only the Mothercare My First Keys with a batch code of , and are affected by this recall. The picture above indicates where this information can be found.

    All other versions are unaffected.

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  • If you own one of these toys please stop using it immediately and return your product to a Mothercare store where a full refund will be given. If you have any queries please contact Mothercare via email on: All queries will be answered within 24 hours on receipt of the email.

    tesco cot bed in a bag Tesco cot bed in a bag

    Cuggl Camborne cots - Argos Image: Argos As part of Argos' ongoing quality control procedures they have identified that in certain instances the top rail of the cot could over time become detached resulting in sharp points becoming exposed. Cuggl Camborne cot bed - two-tone - Cat no. Argos These cot beds are also found as part of the following three-piece sets: Cuggl Camborne three-piece set - two-tone - Cat no.

    If you have purchased one of the above cots, please contact our customer helpline so that we can arrange a replacement or refund of the Cuggl Camborne Cot Bed. This potentially affected component was used in production batches sold between November 3, and March 22, Like us on Facebook.

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