gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

Starting out as a safer concept to sheets and blankets, Grobags are now the market leaders in baby sleep bags, conforming to a new British Standard BS Along with other gifts she sent me a Carnival 2. It was to be the first of many for BattleKid.

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As per the guidelines, we had to wait until BattleKid reached a weight of 8. Grobags are extremely useful and versatile and negate the need for copious amounts of baby sheets and blankets. That said I have spare sheets in case of illness or tears in the current ones.

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  • Grobags are also much safer than blankets as BattleKid can never get tangled up in them or have his face covered by them. Their design also stops a baby from wriggling down into them so their face will never accidentally get covered during their sleep.

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  • The design of Grobags are such that they still allow your baby to move around during their sleep, important as your little one grows up if they like sleeping on their front as BattleKid does. Grobags come in a range of TOG ratings depending on the temperature conditions in which your baby sleeps these range from between 0.

    These ratings are much lower than a bed duvet tog rating as Grobags are designed to trap a pocket of warm air around your baby and provides insulation from both above and below. In combination these are more than sufficient to help your baby sleep comfortably. In the UK, the most versatile tog is 2. Although we have had a range of togs, the 2.

    That said, we have had Grobags in all tog ratings and found the 0. Grobag Baby Sleep Bags are now available in sizes and years! I found the months quite a generous size, with BattleKid in these until nearly 8 months old. At almost 18 months old he is still in his months bags with a little room left at the toes.

    I have bought some months Grobag Baby Sleep Bags in preparation for our move up and they look huge!

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  • Grobags also come in two types; normal and travel versions. The normal version has a zip around the side of the body from the feet to under the arm and has two armholes, secured over the shoulder with poppers which conform to British Safety Standards.

    Get a PayPal account here. Again the products are extra sensitive and kind to newborn skin and eczema prone skin too.

    This type has proper armholes and a front zipper which also conforms to the BSS. Both versions fit securely around your child at the arms and neck, and the months has an additional popper under the arm for babies at 8. So you see, there is no way for your baby to wriggle down into Grobags. Grobags come in a range of designs for girls, boys and several which are unisex.

    I would recommend you buy two as that way you will have a spare when the other is in the wash. They wash very well, and if you wash them with appropriately matched colours, they keep their colours and whites quite well.

    gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

    They dry well either out on the line or on a clothes horse as I do. You can also tumble dry them on a low heat setting too, which I have done from time to time.



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