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From Mum to Mum will better prepare you for this and give you a deeper understanding of why it is you are feeling this way. The book is written by someone who has been through the whole process of pregnancy, birth and caring for the newborn. It is written through the eyes of a mother and gives you all the facts straight. From Mum to Mum provides expectant parents, both first time and 'old time', with some light-hearted, honest and informative information about what they may be experiencing during their pregnancy, the birth and the first few months at home with a newborn baby.

The focus being on the emotional changes one may expect and to ensure the expectant mother that what she is going through is in fact normal. Preparing the nursery, the clothes and getting all the essential items for the baby may be quite a daunting task for first-time parents.

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  • Walking into a baby shop, your first instinct is to grab one of everything, not really knowing whether you really need it or not. If you do need it, how on earth do you use it? Where are all the shop assistants who are supposed to help? Can I take one home with me? In order to make the process easier, From Mum to Mum includes a detailed list of all items needed as well as an explanation as to how to use each item.

    Preparing for the birth and the anxieties of how one is going to cope may be quite frightening.

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    You've heard all the stories, but what is it really like? A detailed and honest account of what to expect and how you can make it easier for your self is a major part of From Mum to Mum.

    What is it like after the birth? How may I be feeling? Will I be able to just get up and go?

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  • These are all the points addressed in the book as there is quite a misconception as to the speed and ease of recovery. Finally, the section on being at home with the baby is aimed at giving a few helpful tips on how to cope and what the new mother may be feeling at the time.

    It is helpful for fathers to read the book as well, to shed some light on why his once bubbly, joyous wife is now willing to sleep for hours on end and flies off the handle at the slightest look, touch, or comment.

    It is Sarra's motivation, determination, and loving character that have initiated that drive. I have shared with her and her husband the sadness of miscarriages and the joy of giving birth to her four lovely children. In a field shared by all mothers, Sarra manages to cover and address the different aspects of the mystery of motherhood, yet at the same time brings to light more facts and fresh opinions. She provides a great deal of worthy and practical advice that will give more confidence and reassurance to mothers.

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    I find the book enjoyable and stimulating and recommend it heartily, both for those new to motherhood and for those who are already blessed with it.

    In her book, Sarra shares her experience of being a mum with other mums.

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  • This makes the book different from any other book written by professionals attempting to prepare and educate future mothers. From Mum to Mum is a great source of information , from which mothers learn about early pregnancy, morning sickness, heartburn and labour, etc.

    east coast cot bed East coast cot bed

    Sarra also shares the pleasures of preparing for the arrival of the baby, the onset of labour, and the delivery, as well as caring for the newborn. The book is for all mothers as it is written in a very simple, easy to read style. Sarra uses her own personal experience to explain and clarify scientific words and processes.



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