cot bed reviews 2016 Cot bed reviews 2016

Life with a newborn , Reviews May 31, We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. A few things struck me immediately: I will update this once Baby arrives as well. We have the Fairytale version which is a pale duck egg blue with clouds.

The bed dissembles at 7. This does not affect my content in any way and does not cost you anything, but you are most welcome to Google the products on a new page if you prefer.

The inside features these cute bunny rabbits. Features I absolutely love how many features this bedside crib crams in. So many useful things that only a second time mum would appreciate.

cot bed reviews 2016 Cot bed reviews 2016

I was very practical with Toddler H, thinking why would soft side with mesh be better than bars, why would rocking really help baby will sleep fine, and tilting — why, just why why why?! Well I now know that Toddler H very quickly started banging her arms on the sides of said hard sided crib, and putting her arms through getting stuck once she was in a sleeping bag instead of a swaddle.

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  • All babies are different, H did sleep well, but at times rocking the crib would have been much less work! Yes, one minute to have extra sleep, one minute of saved grizzling one minute of extra sleep will make all the difference when having a newborn and toddler to chase all day.

    Chicco Next2Me bedside crib feature list: Rocking crib to soothe baby Wheels make it easy to move they have brakes!

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  • Adjustable height so easy to do! W93 x D69 x Heighg varies from 66 to 81cm Mattress size: There are literally a few pieces that nicely slot together, the crib, the legs, the bottom support and some straps to secure it to the bed if side sleeping.

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    A few photos of the features… Below Easy adjustment and easy to know which height setting the crib is on.

    If you want to tilt it, just make sure the numbers on each side differ! Above Wheels so you can move it easily, and also nice secure brakes! One handed dropping of the side: Tilted crib obviously shown quite steeply so you can see it clearly in a photo! It rocks, has a really good mattress, inclines for reflux, and enables safe co-sleeping through the drop side.

    Have you got a side sleeping crib?

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  • Did it make a difference with baby 2?



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