cot bed rail nz Cot bed rail nz

Every year they eat grass and grow their wool so you can have the fibre that is not only great for your baby, but for the environment too. Year-round comfort Insulation is the key to merino.

cot bed rail nz Cot bed rail nz

Flame resistant Merino is the safest fabric for your baby. It has microscopic, overlapping scales that shed water to the outside and wick away fluid from the inside.

Further information is available from Standards NZ. Our team will be happy to assist. Information on carrying out a product recall is available from the Consumer Protection website.

Your baby stays dry, warm and free of skin rashes. Silky soft Not all merino is created equal — New Zealand merino fibres are whiter, stronger and longer than anywhere else in the world.

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  • Reduces skin allergies Our superfine, pure merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and perfect for most babies with eczema, allergies or sensitive skin — no itchiness! Better sleep Warm and breathable, merino wool fibres trap warm, dry air, and release moisture. This magical combination of properties has been scientifically proven to help your baby stay peacefully asleep throughout the night.

    Stain resistant The natural structure of merino fibre makes it resist smells, dirt and stains.

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  • Merino has all the complex benefits of natural fibre, and it looks good on your little one too. Dimples Cotton Cotton When it comes to your baby, only the best, healthiest and most comfortable fabrics will do. Certified organic Our fabrics carry certifications that show they are the highest standard.

    Methods of testing infant products — Part 1: To avoid the possibility of your child hurting herself by falling out of bed, you can: Can you confirm whether this item can fold for easy bedding change?

    Our cotton yarn carries the Global Organic Textile standard, and is certified organic. That environmental focus is continued in our yarn dying process, which is certified by Oeko-Tex.

    Our fabric production also carries certifications from the International Organization for Standardization in Environmental Management Systems and Quality Management Systems. According to experts, cotton absorbs around one fifth of its weight before it can be considered damp. Comfortable If your baby is fussy or fretful, it could be the clothes.

    cot bed rail nz Cot bed rail nz

    Other fibres may be itchy or stiff, causing that fine new skin to be irritated. No matter how hard your little rough-neck plays or how many washes you do, cotton can go the distance long after synthetics fall apart and end up in the rag-bag. That makes it far more economic to invest in clothing made from high-quality organic cotton.

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  • Enough stretch Your baby needs clothes that move, but not too much. Because Dimples use premium cotton, our clothes keep their shape, giving your baby the ultimate in comfort and freedom of movement. No Stokke Made to fit the oval Sleepi crib perfectly Soft and protective around the wooden crib rails Easy to attach to crib rails with ribbons Soft and cosy cotton and linen quality for your baby Easy to fasten to bed rails with ribbons Dimensions cm:

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