cot bed pillowcase 60 x 40 Cot bed pillowcase 60 x 40

This natural duvet and pillow set is also completely cruelty-free as it comes from kindly treated and organically raised sheep.

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  • So your baby and you! Simply pop it in the washing machine delicate cycle only and hang it out to dry. This will ensure your duvet and pillow set is free from germs and bacteria.

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  • Well, unless they decide to have a little accident! Tog 4, 5 indicates a light blanket for the summer.

    You can save time and money by buying it now. Normal amount of views. This is why we keep everything in-house.

    Tog value of 13 means the comforter very warm for the winter Composition: Keep away from flames and sources of ignition. Blankets and pillows are not intended for children under 12 months, as it can cause suffocation and hyperthermia.

    cot bed pillowcase 60 x 40 Cot bed pillowcase 60 x 40

    For hygiene reason, after opening, the product can not be returned. Dry clean with caution.

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    Do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry. Directly to you In the traditional retail world, products are going through a number of intermediaries. By shipping them straight to your door, we can deliver quality and style without costing the earth. Free delivery We ship all our orders free of charge to customers in Europe. Free delivery in Europe We ship all our orders free of charge to customers in Europe.

    From muslin cloths to mini cots, every thread and panel has been approved for our most valued customers, the babies.. This is why we keep everything in-house.

    Designing, making and delivering for free everything ourselves lets us keep the costs down which makes for happy parents and comfy babies..

    We keep our furniture and products neutral with a minimalist Scandinavian inspired style so they will fit into any nursery easily and stay with you for years. See more about mokee Everyday Luxury MoKee designs are built to last which means we source the best materials around to ensure that your products stay with you as long as you want them too.

    From high quality beech wood to exclusive mattress materials and medical grade muslin cloth every product chosen is extra safe for your baby and as luxurious as ever. Friendly We look forward to getting up the morning to make sure we design beautiful products to help your little get to sleep.

    The best part about moKee is hearing from our customers and how the products look and work in your nurseries.

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