cot bed for 2 year old Cot bed for 2 year old

Bedtime Bedtime Sleep — or rather, lack of it — is a common problem for parents. For your toddler, the world is an exciting place with tons of new things to learn every day, so sleep can seem like a dull and unwanted interruption.

So if you leave, they may fear being left alone for good — a scary thought indeed. On top of all this, it is becoming apparent to your playful bundle of joy that playing up at bedtime is a great way to wind up the grown-ups. Play a quiet game, and talk about what you did today and any plans you have for tomorrow. Give them a warm bath, put the lights on low, keep distractions to a minimum and clean their teeth.

Put pyjamas on them in their bedroom.

baby girl cot

Finish with a story again, nothing too exciting or a gentle song or rhyme. Time for a nap? Toddlers need a daytime nap or two. Typically, a 1-year-old needs about an hour in the morning and in the afternoon.

A 2-year-old usually needs an hour or so in the afternoon, but by the age of 3 most tots are fine with a short nap in the afternoon or none at all.

cot bed for 2 year old Cot bed for 2 year old

The same may happen around the age of 3, when they can drop their nap altogether. It sometimes helps during these transition periods to make bedtime a bit earlier. Can't sleep, won't sleep Overexcitement or bad habits can quickly lead to sleep problems.

Here's how to get round them. Bedtimes routines can be helpful. Issue - He won't go to bed.

She is kicking the sides and waking herself up from not having enough room in the cot. Watch our video to find out why

Bedtime strike is common at this age. Developmental changes can affect sleep patterns. And the sheer excitement of all the new things your tot is learning to do can make it hard to let go at the end of the day. Solutions Establish a bedtime routine see previous page to help your little one get in the mood for sleep.

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  • Make sure your child is getting enough exercise to tire them out in the day — but avoid overstimulation too close to bedtime. Make sure the space where they sleep is nice. If your child keeps getting out of bed, gently help them back without fuss, chat or attention — however many attempts it takes.

    Avoid them becoming overtired by ensuring they get a daytime nap or two if still needed. Issue - She wakes in the night Why? We all briefly surface as we go through cycles of lighter and deeper sleep, but toddlers sometimes wake up fully during one of the lighter cycles and find it hard to drop back off again.

    Solutions Leave them alone for a short while to see if they can settle themselves. You may need to repeat this several times.

    The inquiry also heard that satellite navigation equipment used by paramedics had initially directed them to the wrong cottage, an error that led to them being delayed by an estimated 10 minutes. Grooved end panels allow the base of the cot to be adjusted to 3 different heights.

    Each time they cry, leave it a bit longer before you go in and calm them down. Issue - She keeps coming into our bed Why? One way toddlers can exert their growing independence is by getting out of their bed and coming into yours. Have there been any changes in your family routines? Be prepared to repeat this. After a few nights they should get the idea. You might want to reward them for staying in bed by using a star chart.

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  • Issue - He's scared of the dark Why? At this age your little one is developing an active imagination. Solutions Avoid scary TV programmes, computer games or stories.

    If they awake from a nightmare, stay with them for a bit and explain that it was just a dream. If your child is waking regularly with nightmares, ask them if they are upset or worried about anything. A stressful event, such as starting nursery or the arrival of a new baby, may be the cause.

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  • Talk to your doctor or health visitor if their nightmares persist. New hand Be prepared for your little one to need progressively less sleep as they get older and adjust their bedtime accordingly.



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