large baby cot Large baby cot

Many people thought we were crazy flying long-haul with a baby — especially all the way to the Maldives! I love being disconnected from the internet and being able to sit back and relax for 10 hours without worrying about emails and clients and social media. We flew from Birmingham and began with a 4-hour flight to Istanbul. There was a 2-hour layover before a final 8-hour flight to Male, the capital of the Maldives.

We experienced the short-haul European flight with Turkish Airlines and then the long-haul transatlantic flight — which is important to note because they were very different. The food is amazing yes, I just said plane food is amazing! For the Istanbul to Male leg of the journey it felt like a different airline. Flying out to the Maldives was an absolute dream. George was awake for the first leg of the journey and spent a lot of the flight watching films, eating and playing with the couple sat behind us.

On this second flight we had the bulk head seat with the extra leg room and space for a bassinet. He realised that he could poke his head out and look at everyone on the flight. This was a fantastic game — especially because the other passengers found it funny and were laughing at him. So eventually I just held him and he fell asleep on my lap. He slept for the entire 8-hour flight and woke up just as we landed.

See — I told you it was a dream! Flying home from the Maldives was a very different story and George barely settled for the entire flight.

large baby cot Large baby cot

He whinged and wined and niggled for virtually the entire 12 hours. To my surprise, everyone sat around us was amazingly lovely.

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  • No one was rolling their eyes, no one huffed and puffed and no one groaned whenever he made a noise. People did their best to make him smile and would play peekaboo with him from behind their seats.

    I am so grateful for all of those people. My tips for flying long-haul with a baby Relax! We always seemed to latch on to a kind, elderly couple who had lots of stories about their own children and grandchildren on holidays. Give baby a drink for takeoff and landing If you can, encourage your baby to drink during takeoff and landing.

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    Our bags were stuffed with rice cakes, fruit, fruit purees, pouches of mushed meals and rusks. I like the plastic ones that are like painting bibs because you can wipe them clean.

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  • Disposable ones are even better so you can chuck them away before you land. A spare set of clothes — for everyone!

    The food is amazing yes, I just said plane food is amazing! If the room is over 22 degrees Celsius, cool the room with a fan and dress your baby in a vest only with a thin sleeping bag.

    Breastfeeding There is no better way to keep a baby quiet than by breastfeeding. I use a big coverup if I have a window seat but otherwise I tend to express and give George a bottle. There was one awesome time when I was able to keep him asleep in there until more than an hour after takeoff. We usually choose to take the pushchair through the airport anyway and use it as a trolley to push our hand luggage.

    Premature babies seem to have much more dream sleep than babies born at term and the amount of dream sleep declines in all babies over the first year of life. Image 1 of 7 Advertisement Travelling with your baby soon?

    You can check out my review of the Pao Papoose here. But the bottles will be taken to a special machine to be tested. This will add an extra minutes onto your security check time. Make sure your hand luggage is well organised so you can easily remove all the bottles that need testing.

    large baby cot Large baby cot

    Sam and I tend to take it in turns where one of us looks after all the bags, passports and tickets while the other focuses on George. It just means you only have one thing to worry about at a time. Use a backpack The easiest bag to use for your hand luggage is a backpack so you can always have both hands free.

    For myself, all I pack is a spare top and my Kindle so the rest of our luggage is totally dedicated to George. He had just as much fun playing with the in-flight magazine and staring at people on the plane. It can take ages to get everyone on the plane so I try to board last.

    This is why I have a small backpack for my hand luggage as the Babymule is small enough to slip it under of the seat in front of me.

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  • So, there you go, those are my tips for flying with a baby. She began the blog in when she left the UK to travel around Asia and Australia for two years. She's now a professional blogger and has travelled around the world in search of stylish adventure travel. Monica has recently had her second baby and is determined to prove that travelling with a baby is possible!



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