circle baby cot Circle baby cot

While the crib is easy to assemble, you will find the exact number of screws required inside the box, no spares. This means that you will have to be careful not to lose any during assembly. The crib is made from solid wood and, like the other baby cribs in this list, is made from Sustainable New Zealand Pine.

Resembling a sleigh, the back of the crib is higher than the front. This style looks best when sitting flush against a wall.

What to look for when buying a brand new baby crib New baby cribs adhere to the latest safety standards. Choosing to buy new will make choosing a safe baby crib a much simpler task. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions to ensure you end up with the best baby crib for your baby. What is your price range? A crib is one of the most expensive baby essentials that you will buy.

Before you start crib shopping it is important that you decide how much you want to spend on a baby crib. By figuring out the amount you are willing to spend, you will be less likely to waste your time looking at baby cribs that you simply cannot afford.

More expensive does not necessarily mean better. There is a great baby crib available to suit all budgets.

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  • You just need to shop around. How much space is available for the crib? The next most important step is to measure the area in which you plan to place your baby crib.

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  • The amount of space available will narrow down the variety of cribs you can choose from. If you have little space available then perhaps a fold up crib is your best option.

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    If you have an abundance of space then you are fortunate enough to choose from any crib that falls into your price range. Does the crib require assembly?

    Your brand new baby crib will very likely come unassembled. By shipping your crib in pieces it allows the manufacturer to keep shipping costs down, further saving you money. If you are in the later stages of pregnancy then there is little chance you will be able to assemble a crib on your own.

    It is important that the crib is put together correctly. Before you piece together a baby crib the first thing you should do is count out all the crib pieces, even if the box was unopened.

    See below for how useful this crib is through the years, it can literally last a lifetime!! The weight is 36 pounds.

    If you find pieces to be missing such as screws , contact the manufacturer immediately. Do you require adjustable mattress height? As your baby learns to sit up or use his hands to pull himself up its time to lower the height setting. This will help prevent your active baby from climbing or falling out of the crib. Does the baby crib come with a teething rail? This is not a good thing.

    Whether you like it or not, your baby is going to experience the joys or lack of teething. When your baby starts teething, you may find that your baby starts to gnaw on the wooden rail of your crib like a little beaver. Unfortunately this can lead to a mouthful of wood, splinters and paint. Another advantage is that teething rails also extend the life of your crib, a necessity if you plan on having more than one child and want to reuse the crib your baby is currently using.

    Is the baby crib a standard size? Cribs come in all different shapes and sizes. A standard crib frame measures 52 by If you are considering buying an irregular sized baby crib then you will then you will also need to purchase an irregular sized mattress. While an unusual sized crib may seem like a great idea, the accessories will generally cost more than that of a standard crib. It is best to buy a mattress at the same time that you buy a baby crib.

    This way you can ensure that the mattress fits snuggly into the base of the crib. If you can fit two fingers between the mattress and the baby crib then your mattress is too small. Does the crib match the rest of your house? Take a look at the existing furniture in your house. Fortunately, cribs come in all different materials, textures and styles The most commonly used materials in baby cribs include: Many parents match the color of the crib with other furniture such as a bookshelf or dresser.

    Many parents choose a baby crib that compliments the theme of their nursery Be mindful that while some cribs are entirely made of wood, cheaper cribs may be a wood veneer. While the difference may not be immediately noticeable, wood veneer is much more prone to chipping when your baby is teething.

    Buy solid wooden cribs whenever possible. Is it the crib you like or is it the display? When shopping in a baby store you will find many amazing crib displays. Store workers are paid good money to set up eye-catching displays to lure in buyers. Shoppers are often disappointed to discover that the baby crib does not look nearly as good in their own home upon setting it up. Move the baby crib away from the display, you may require help from a store person.

    What to look for when buying a used baby crib Buying a new baby crib can be a huge investment. If you are looking to save money, you may want to consider choosing a used baby crib.

    There are many different places to begin your search for a used baby crib. Some of the more popular locations include: Craigslist Thrift shops Yard sales The downside to buying a used baby crib is that you will be required to be much more diligent in ensuring you end up with a safe bed for your baby. Below are some things to look out for when looking around for a used baby crib. Use your senses While on the hunt for the perfect used baby crib you can help choose a safe baby crib by using all of your senses.

    Look Look for peeling paint, poor workmanship and other defects that may indicate that the crib is unsafe for your baby. Touch Run your hands over the slats and rail of the crib.

    Listen Give the crib a shake, listen for rattles and unusual sounds that may indicate the crib is unstable or has loose parts. Smell Smell for mold and mildew that be hidden from plain view that can cause a respiratory infection in babies.

    As well as using your senses, there are some other factors you will need to consider when choosing a used baby crib. How old is the baby crib? While old cribs have an antiquated charm to them it is highly unlikely that they will meet modern safety standards. Rule of thumb; the older a baby crib, the more unsafe it will be for your baby.

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  • Cribs made prior to may be coated in lead paint. While lead paint was considered perfectly safe to use back then, today it is recognized as a dangerous neurotoxin. Has the crib been disassembled? It is best to steer clear of a used baby crib that has been disassembled. Not only is it difficult to check the cribs condition but pieces may also be missing.

    Does the crib have drop down sides? Drop down sides, also known as movable railings, were originally designed to allow for easier access to cribs for parents. Rather than bend over the crib from above, you could simple adjust the crib side so that one wall would slide down.

    Unfortunately, this ease of access came at a cost. Between and cribs with drop down sides were linked to over 32 infant deaths. In the CPSC banned sales of all cribs with drop down sides. Cribs with drop down sides often turn up at yard sales. What is the distance between the slats?

    While this is not so much of a problem in modern cribs, the distance can vary greatly in older models. The wider the distance between slats, the greater the chance of your baby getting a limb stuck. If you cannot get the soda can through, then it is unlikely that the gap will trap your baby. Are the cutouts in the cribs headboard or footboard?

    Wooden headboards and footboards can have cutouts to make them look fancy. While the cutouts may make the crib more pleasing to the eye, they can also trap the arm of leg of a curious baby. How high are the crib corner posts? Prior to it was common for baby cribs to have decorative corner posts.

    circle baby cot Circle baby cot

    When buying a used baby crib it is in your best interests to steer clear of these cribs. The exception to this rule is if the corner posts are over 16 inches high to support a canopy.

    Has the baby crib been recalled? Whenever a baby crib recall occurs, whatever the product, it will appear on this list. You would think in this day and age that manufacturers would have their quality control sorted out.

    Why was it recalled? The vintage grey paint on the cribs, furniture, and accessories exceeds federal lead limits.



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