baby cots and cribs Baby cots and cribs

Cot beds Cots A cot will probably be your baby's bed until he is two years or three years old.

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  • It should be strong and sturdy without cracked or broken slats, with no jagged points or edges. If you are buying a new cot, it should conform to BS EN This standard ensures that the cot is deep enough to be safe for your baby, that the bars are the correct distance apart, and that the cot does not have cut-outs or steps.

    If your cot is second-hand or borrowed, make sure the distance between each bar is no less than 2. You should not be able to fit a soft-drink can between the slats.

    This is to prevent your baby's head from slipping between the bars. You can use your cot from the day your baby is born, if you like. However, many parents choose a Moses basket, crib, or carrycot for the first few months, or have their babies in the same bed as them. This is often because a newborn baby can look and feel a little lost in a big cot. Cots can be expensive, so you may want to think about buying one second-hand.

    Oval-shaped cots can often be later converted into a junior bed , chairs, or even a sofa. You can also buy bedside cots that fit right up against your bed.

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  • This can be useful for night-time feeds. Most cots have drop sides and an adjustable base height to make it easier to lift your baby in and out as he grows. Most cots have two or three different base heights, but two heights are all you really need.

    A great way to co-sleep with your baby without having them in bed Great for breastfeeding mums or when baby is unwell Comes with a storage bag so its easy to pack up and take away with you Can be inclined at one end if baby has a congestion from a cold, or suffers reflux SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib The SnuzPod bedside crib has 3 in 1 functionality to allow your child to sleep alongside you and independently 3-in-1 design allows for co-sleeping, independent sleeping, or off the rockable bassinet as a Moses basket Height can be adjusted to fit most beds Zip-down mesh sides allows easy access to baby The fabric covers can be machine washed Age: It is equipped with a soft mattress that ensures comfort. These cribs give babies their own space while keeping them within easy reach and offer the closest alternative to creating a co-sleeping scenario with your tot without actually having them in bed with you.

    Many cots also have a teething rail, which is a protective plastic coating around the edges, to prevent your baby chewing on the wooden slats of the cot when he is older. Pros You can use the cot as soon as you bring your baby home.

    Your baby can sleep in his cot for two years or even three years. Cons Cots are often not easily transportable from room to room. Newborn babies can look very lost in a large cot. Choosing a cot that has wheels on the bottom is a good idea if you want to be able to move it from one room to another.

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  • Cot beds Cot beds are longer and wider than standard cots. Their main advantage is that they can be converted into a junior bed when your toddler outgrows his cot.

    Bumpers are a protective padding that fit the mattress base and are designed to prevent babies from bumping their heads on the sides of the bed and their limbs from escaping through the cot bars. Basically, our co sleeper bassinet allows me, my husband, and my baby to enjoy all the benefits of bed-sharing, but without the associated risks of overlying and SIDS. Overlying is the sad occurrence of a parent rolling onto a baby in the night, causing accidental death.

    They do not usually have drop sides and not all versions have different mattress positions. Pros Cot beds provide a spacious sleeping environment from newborn to toddler and beyond. Cons Not really a money-saver if you plan to have another baby soon, as you will need to buy another cot.

    baby cots and cribs Baby cots and cribs

    No drop side means it can be more difficult to get your baby in and out. Find out the safest place to put your baby's cot, and get more sleep safety tips in our expert video on baby sleep.

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    April NCT nd. Sleeping safely in a cot.



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