baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

But, as with all things Nursery related, there is a huge amount of choice out there for you to select from, each product having their respective features and benefits.

We love the Dr. Definitions Gastro-Oesphageal Reflux GOR is the effortless regurgitation or spitting up of gastric stomach contents into the oesophagus food pipe with or without effortless regurgitation and vomiting 1. GOR Medications in preterm and term infants should be carefully evaluated especially in the high risk preterm population as there is uncertain evidence of efficacy and potential harms 20 Figure 1 Figure 1:

Sleep Positioner What is it? A sleep positioner is intended to keep baby in a specific position while sleeping.

baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

It helps support baby on their back, which is advised as the safest sleep position for babies. Birth to approximately 4 months or when baby is showing signs of being able to roll over unaided Other important info: Summer Infant do not currently offer sleep positioners.

baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

Baby Nest What is it? A baby nest is typically a mattress with high sides. Unlike sleep positioners, a baby nest is a non-restrictive sleep surface which offers a cosy area for your little one.

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  • Several baby nests available in the market are also suitable for tummy time during the day. Birth to approximately 6 months age suitability varies between manufacturers Other important info: Baby nests are not included within the sleep positioners US FDA safety concerns; however, the Lullaby Trust still states that baby nests do not meet the safe sleeping guidelines it promotes.

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  • Summer Infant do not currently offer baby nests. Cot Wedge What is it? Unlike sleep positioners and baby nests, a cot wedge is not a sleep support and is not directly in contact with baby. Visit our Good Vibes Cot Wedge product page for more information on this type of sleep solution: A snuzzler provides head and body support to help keep baby snug and comfortable in a car seat, pushchair, stroller or bouncer.

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    Unlike the other sleep solutions above, a snuzzler is not intended for use in a sleeper or cot. Snuzzlers are ideal for use when travelling to ensure baby is comfortable during daytime naps.

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  • Visit our 2 in 1 Snuzzler Piddlepad product page for more information on this type of sleep solution:



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